The Fire Services Emergency Cover (FSEC) toolkit was created and developed by HM Government and UK Fire and Rescue Services along with specialist in Risk Management and software developers.

FSEC enables Fire and Rescue Authorities to assess their emergency response options and to target prevention and protection activities as part of their Integrated Risk Management Plan and strategic decision making processes.

The software includes, data capture and analytical tools and a range of mapping products. The software also has a number of national fire and rescue service data sets which enable comparative analysis of local risk against nationwide risk and standards.

The FSEC toolkit, the analytical and mapping tools were tested and assessed by independent academics, IT specialists and end users during its development. This process provides the assurance of the FSEC toolkit against which fire and rescue authorities can make strategic decisions on emergency response options and delivery of its other statutory functions.  A recent survey by DCLG identified that approximately 38 out of 53 fire and rescue authorities continue to maintain and use the FSEC toolkit to a support their decision making process.

The FSEC Help Desk has been managed for the last three years by FARMSS, under contract to DCLG, using the unparalleled expertise of Jim Smith who has been intricately involved in the development, use, application and expansion of FSEC from its inception until the present day.

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FARMSS offers a range of FSEC products to meet the specialist and strategic requirements of the Fire and Rescue Service, including bespoke support to assist senior managers in their strategic planning requirements; the technical training of personnel; and Health Checks / Audits of existing FRS systems, processes and data. 

When considering strategic objectives regarding 'response to risk' - the FARMSS expertise will be able to provide confidence and assurance to your decision making process.

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