FRS Fire Safety Audits - 3rd Party Independent Audits management202tFire and Risk Management Support Services are in a unique position among those consultancy services purporting to provide Fire Safety support to Fire and Rescue Services. Our Directors have unparalleled experience in establishing and managing fire safety legislation, technical standards and guidance, and enforcement, at all levels including: Internationally; across Government Departments; within standards making bodies; for and with Stakeholder organisations; and within individual Fire and Rescue Services. In addition our Directors have unique experience in enhancing the management of fire safety by integrating existing IT systems, and developing bespoke systems where necessary, to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of existing management practices.

Underpinned by this vast experience Fire and Risk Management Support Services are able to provide audit services encompassing all elements of the Fire Safety Enforcement responsibilities of a Fire and Rescue Service. In particular our Directors are able to focus on the links and interactions between the responsibilities of those primarily engaged in operational duties and those engaged fire safety and effective use of IT systems.

All audits will be tailored to the requirements the Fire Rescue Service concerned, with an emphasis on realistic and pragmatic solutions.

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