Recruitment Support Services ....Nationally the Fire & Rescue Service has standardised the recruit fire-fighter application process; with the overriding aim of enbusiness management202tsuring consistent entry standards that are fair and equitable.

The need for individual Fire & Rescue Services to provide a consistent approach to recruitment has never been stronger. There is a requirement for a national benchmark in terms of recruitment teams when sifting application forms. Failure to do so may ultimately bring into question an organisation's Equal Opportunities Policy.

FARMSS has a proved track record in providing the services of a bespoke recruitment team for both sifting recruit application forms and providing interviewers to support in-house resources. Our recruitment teams have worked with the new national recruitment criteria and we guarantee consistency of approach, within an open, honest and transparent process.

Our recruitment teams can, as a minimum, sift recruit application forms. We can also conduct both physical & mental tests within your premises. Our recruitment team members are all very experienced interviewers and can provide specialist support to your personnel when conducting recruit selection interviews thus reducing the impact upon Service Delivery.

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