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£500 plus VAT Per Course Professional Training (max 10 persons per course)

FARMSS Fire Extinguisher training includes practical use of portable fire extinguishing equipment fighting real fires. Thereby giving your personnel the confident to react positively should a fire occur in your workplace.

In order to provide the minimum disruption and to reduce the costs to your organisation; the training course will be held on your premises. The course is 3 hours in duration and is very competitively priced at £500 per course + VAT for a maximum of 10 persons.

To obtain full details and price for your FARMSS FIRE EXTINGUISHER TRAINING course - either contact Garry Harney on 01942 260145 or Dave Lewis on 0161 488 4863 - alternatively email us by clicking here in order that we may deal with your enquiry promptly.

Category: Fire Safety

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