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In the case of larger organisations where your responsibilities extend to the management of a large number of premises and you utilise your own staff to undertake the fire risk assessments - GRATiK can provide the perfect cost effective answer to the secure capture, update, storage and most importantly management of all the risk assessment outcomes.

FARMSS can provide your organisation with a software solution to meet the requirements of legislation and also that of your own business thereby managing risk effectively whilst keeping budgets under control.

GRATiK – Assessor: Can be provided on any number of handheld tablets to enable your personnel to undertake fire risk assessments across your buildings. Where DWG plans are used within the organisation these can be utilised within the GRATiK system to become a ‘single point of truth’ for your risk information. The system will provide the capability for risk information to be appropriately captured on named layers of the plan drawing, in order that it may be cross referenced with other relevant risk information. In addition, to recording outcomes of the problems encountered during the risk assessment process your personnel will also be able to identify fire provisions, hazards and changes undertaken to the premises. Following the completion of any assessment the burden of administrative workload is significantly reduced as all documentation including the production of layered DWG plans is automatically provided by the system and once audited can be loaded and made available on the ‘GRATiK - Tracker’.

GRATiK – Tracker: The Tracker provides a flexible powerful web-based tool for the management of the outcomes of the Fire Risk Assessment process. The Tracker provides a variable tiered structure to meet the management structure of your own organisation allowing the Issues to be routed throughout your organisation to the appropriate person, team of individuals whether internal or external to your organisation. As the issues are identified with an indicative cost and a risk value – they can be prioritised as part of your action plan and costed for budgets. The GRATiK – Tracker allows managers to package work together to allow the organisation to benefit from economies of scale when tendering for upgrades or repairs. In addition as the system provides dynamic reporting as issues are signed off all reports automatically update to provide an accurate picture of the risk faced by the organisation.

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GRATiK - Assessor

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GRATiK - Tracker

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